PathAway GPS 3 - Upgrade Installation Notes

Before Installing PathAway 3, Please Backup your critical PathAway databases.

Ie. HotSync, then go to your Palm Backup folder on your PC and copy all the PathAway database files to a separate folder. Copy the saved data to the Backup folder and HotSync.

Please note, the Route/Track and Point Databases have changed from version 1 and 2. Upon startup, You will be asked to convert your databases when the program is run. The program requires conversion of these databases to perform optimally. Answer Yes to convert once you have safely backed up your critical data.

PathAway 3.0 will run along-side with PathAway 2. You don't need to remove PathAway 2 before running PathAway 3.0

When you are ready to remove PathAway 2. DO NOT delete it using the Palm OS Launcher - Delete options. This removes all associated databases as well. To Remove PathAway 2, download and install our PathAway 2 Remover. Run this application to remove only the PathAway 2 program.