Release Notes - PathAway version 3

Revision History

Version 3.01b38 - Nov 4 2005

- Added: Garmin Data Transfer for GPSMAP 276C and 60C

Version 3.10b36 - June 10 2005

- FIXED. With a "Follow Reverse" Route Active, Insert point was inserting in the wrong place.

Version 3.01b35 - May 31 2005

- FIXED. Scale Zoom Out displayed points, routes and tracks at the bottom of a map in the wrong position. The larger the map (in pixels) the greater the error

Version 3.01b32 - Dec 2 2004

- FIXED. Occasional Fatal Alert on Tungsten T3 when using menus and full screen mode.

Version 3.01b31 - Nov 23 2004

- FIXED. Adjust location position saves using W not -. Affects only localized versions

Version 3.01b30 -July 14 2004

- In Time Estimates Based On - Current speed was Average speed and vice versa.
- Fix for Scale Zoom, colors mix up in 16 bit images iQue, Tungsten, Treo only.

Map Manager Version 3.0b14:
- Fix for OSGB Data Entry reporting incorrect error in TL/BR Easting Parameters.

May 26 2004

- Map Manager 3.01b13 now converts UTM zone numbers in JPR files.

Version 3.01b28 - May 13 2004

- Fixed Duplicate Tracks missing first record.
- PWDBConvert - Added for converting Tracks to OZIExplorer format.

Version 3.01b26 - Apr 23 2004

- Improved Memory management for maps stored on cards. Reliable for maps over 6000 tiles or approx 160 MB.
- Fixed No Shadow Memory Fatal Alert when using very large maps on external cards.

Mar 15 2004

Map Manager Version 3.0b11:
- Fixed error msg popping up on each UTM/OSGB data entry.
Icon Manager
- Added more descriptive error messages.

Version 3.01b25- Mar 5 2004

- Fixed PJtmerc.prc library not getting closed. Requires new ProjLib.prc, and new PJtmerc.prc. NOTE. If you have Transverse Mercator or UTM maps you may not be able to HotSync the new PJtmerc.prc without doing a reset as this library may have been left open and locked.
- Fixed "Chunk Overlocked" when restarting PathAway with many UTM or Transverse Mercator maps. Requires new ProjLib.prc, and new PJtmerc.prc.
- Fixed Restore of Sony Jog Dial Assistant on program Exit.

Version 3.01b24- Mar 1 2004

- fix Add Point corrupted location bug. (occurred in b23)

Version 3.01b23- Feb 24 2004

- fix Connection problems for Magellan Companion, GlobalSat BC-307, and Holux GM-270.

Version 3.01b22- Feb 17 2004

- Fixed Reconnect on Startup not always connecting.
- Fixed crash when scaling World map over East Asia/Australia
- improved scaled world map display.

Map Manager Update 3.0b10:
- rebuilt to fix .jpr import problem

Version 3.01b21- Feb 12 2004

Map Manager Update 3.0b09:
- Improved support for calibration of known points.
- Added Projection map import for .jpr files
- Improved known point marking routines

PathAway - PalmOS 3.01b21:
- Adds approx 20 new Datums in new ProjLib.prc.See Projections Manual for complete list.
- Set zoom scaling limits to prevent screen scrambling (esp world map)
- Fixed Nudge Calibration for Projected maps
- Fixed Tracking date recording problem in iQue. Also fixed in PWDBLIB.DLL for legacy tracks
- Fixed Connect button display when entering GPS Configure while connected to GPS.

PWDBConvert - 3.00b04:
- Fixed convert Elevation format not recognizing metres.
- Traps and fixes Ique Date recording problem.

Version 3.01b19- Dec 10 2003

- Fixed: Point Marking error in Tokyo Datum.
- Added: Manual PDF to Install Program

Version 3.01b18- Dec 4 2003

*** requires NEW ProjLib.prc ***
- Added: Dashboard Option Map Details. Map Name option will ONLY show the name of the map. Use Map Details to show the name, proj and datum.
- Fixed: Treo 600 screen display problem.
- Fixed: Add Turn to Route not setting the route point as a turn.
- Fixed: New Route - From Current Point to Selected point inverted.
- Fixed: Pulkovo 1942 on a projected map failed to initialize.
- Fixed: PWDBConvert Comma delimited, field ordering not working.

Version 3.01b16- Nov 24 2003

- Fixed: Calibrate by Known Points error on non-square map images (ie 1000x500). New Map Manager (3.0b05) and PathAway3.prc
- Fixed: In Preferences/Time, setting the custom speed, the program does not keep what is entered but substract 2 or about.

Version 3.01b15- Nov 19 2003

- Fixed: iQue Fatal Alert running PW second time when connected to GPS.

Version 3.01b13- Nov 6 2003

- Fixed: Fatal Alert on start-up on OS3.5 devices. (caused in b12)

Version 3.01b12- Nov 3 2003

- Added Full-Screen Support for Tungsten T3. Requires, the Tungsten T3 Expandable Screen support files. Unzip and HotSync the 2 prc files.
- Fixed: Icon Manager entering titles, some letters DNW

Version 3.01b11- Oct 21 2003

- Fixed: Map Manager and PW. Multi-point calibration of TL-BR Maps sometimes calculated incorrectly.
- Fixed: Options-Map "Move to Card", list not refreshing after Moving maps.
- Fixed: Projection Point Calibration scrambled if using OSGB.
- Fixed: Minor error in calibrating between 2 points in OSGB
- New Calls added to PWMapConvert, including Progress Callback

Version 3.01b09- Sep 26 2003

- Fixed possible map initializing failure (projected maps only)
- OSGB Coordinate labels now shows Northing/Easting in Dialogs.

Version 3.01b07- Sep 2 2003

- Fixed Turn Instructions ending before reaching actual Turn Point.
- iQue: Fixed Memory Leak while connected to GPS.
- Garmin-Garmin Positioning Protocol. Fixed Date Error.
- Fixed: Tap on a map to get Pop-up menu. Tracking menu>...The commands "show track log" and "hide track log" are reversed.
- Fixed: Options...preferences...alarms. The entered settings in km for Turn 1 and Turn2 do not stick between PathAway sessions.
- Added "Resume Trip" option on startup if previously exited while connected to GPS.
- Added 5-way support. Up=Map Zoom In, Down=Map Zoom Out, Right=Scale Zoom In, Left=Scale Zoom Out. Select=Map Popup menu.

Version 3.01b04- Aug 25 2003

- Fixed Garmin NMEA positioning error (~150m NW, caused in 3.01b01)
- Added further low-level pen and key interrupts before processing new positioning. Should improve UI responsiveness when tracking.

Version 3.01b02- Aug 18 2003

- Fixed Track-log distance calc error when exiting app then restarting a trip using an existing track.
- Added test release of Garmin iQue GPS and Expandable screen support.
- Fix for Etrex Upload. (from b56 - b58)
- PWDBLib.DLL - Fix for Route Conversion TO PW format. (storing distances between points)
- Fixed Track-log distance calc error when exiting app then restarting a trip using an existing track.

Revision Summary Version 3.00b01 - 3.00b58 July 28 2003

- PathAway Tools 3.0 released
- Added ability to enter map coordinates in OSGB and UTM format. (Lat=Northing, Long = Easting)
- Fixed OSGB to Lat-Long conversion problem
- Added Graffiti Shift indicators in all data entry dialogs
- Added support Upload/Download for GPS StreetPilot
- Added Comment field upload/download
- Added Tokyo and OSGB Map Datum to ProjLib.prc
- Tracks/Routes now loaded when new Card inserted.
- PWDBConvert: Added Header option
- PWDBConvert: Added PathAway version 2 backward support
- PathAway Map Manager v3.0:
- Map Dialog - "Show" will not change the location to the center of the map if the map is within the current geographic boundary of the map.
- Timer Comm option removed for OS5 devices. (Due to a Palm OS 5 bug)
- Scale Zoom In (Auto Select Maps activated) - Fixed problem of jumping to a different map.
- PWDBConvert - CSV to PDB - Routes turned into Tracks problem fixed.
- Trial 10 Minute restiction changed to start at Time of First GPS Fix.
- Point Prefix Naming: Changed to allow leading 0's for proper sorting.
- If GPS interrupted by dragging map, pressing the Satellite Icon will resume tracking.
- Large/Small Text support added to Text Labels.
- More improvements on GPS connectivity. Lag time reduced.
- PW2Remove.prc Utility added.
- Huge Maps on Cards Support Improved. No blank maps. 700% Faster
- Improved GPS Connection reception esp. "Timer Comm".
- PWDBConvert (PWDBLib.dll) Updated to support V3 databases.
- PWMapConvert (PWMapLib.dll). Maps now about 5% smaller.
- Improved Memory usage on PalmOS 5 devices
- Added Map Scaling support for Low-Dynamic-Memory situations. Slower redraws but effective.
- Added Projection Parameter dialog.

Notes on version 3.00

Requires conversion of all databases for optimal performance. Conversion IS required for following tracks and routes. The software will prompt you to processd with the conversion.

  • Individual Point beaming is not yet implemented.
  • Due to some Palm OS devices limited dynamic memory (memory a program can use while running), the map scaling may report "Out of Memory".
Note to PathAway 2.x Upgrading

Before Installing PathAway 3, Please Backup your critical PathAway databases.

Ie. HotSync, then go to your Palm Backup folder on your PC and copy all the PathAway database files to a separate folder. Copy the saved data to the Backup folder and HotSync.

Please note, the Route/Track and Point Databases have changed from version 1 and 2. Upon startup, You will be asked to convert your databases when the program is run. The program requires conversion of these databases to perform optimally. Answer Yes to convert once you have safely backed up your critical data.

PathAway 3.0 will run along-side with PathAway 2. You don't need to remove PathAway 2 before running PathAway 3.0