PathAway GPS 4 - System Requirements

Operating System
Palm OS™ version 3.5 or higher

All devices running a compatible Operating System

Memory Requirements
The application requires approximately 500K of memory, maps require between 40 and 800Kb each. Maps are not required to use the application. You should have at least 800k of free memory to run the application without restriction and to obtain maximum performance.

Compatible GPS Protocols and Devices:
PathAway works with the following GPS devices:
1) Any GPS device that uses NMEA 0183 version 2.0 or higher protocol. Most GPS devices support this protocol. Bluetooth GPS that support NMEA work well with PathAway as well.
Some Tested models include.
- Magellan Companion for Palm V, and Handspring Visor
- Rand McNally StreetFinder for Palm m500 (NAVMAN)
- Rand McNally StreetFinder for Palm III, Palm V, Palm IIIc
- Garmin GPS 12, GPS 90, GPS Map 76, ETrex with serial adapter cables.
- Magellan GPS 315, GPS MAP 330
- Garmin X-Series
2) Proprietary Protocols
- Garmin iQue
- Delorme Earthmate.
- Delorme Tripmate.
- Emtac Bluetooth
- RoyalTek DataLogger Bluetooth
- Furtuna Bluetooth