PWMapConvert and PWM files

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PWMapConvert and PWM files

Postby Dodger » Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:45 pm

If I am reading the documentation correctly, I should be able to use a .PWM file along with a BMP with the same filename in PWMapConvert to create calibrated Palm PRC map files. From the PathAway Map Conversion Tools document:

PWM Map Definition Format

Map calibration files can be creating by creating a file name with the identical name as the image file with a .pwm extension. This file can be opened directly in PathAway Map Manager, or used as the input parameter to the PWMapConvert program.

My problem - I can't figure how to include the .PWM file as an input parameter to PWMapConvert.

If I only specify the .bmp (assuming the program will find the associated .pwm) the map is converted but with no calibration. (it doesn't see the .pwm) If I specify the path to the .pwm, I get "error converting 65525"

Could someone provide me with an example command line for converting, say "a0.bmp" (with an "a0.pwm" in the same directory) to a calibrated "a0.prc" using PWMapConvert?



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