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A few suggestions

Postby Tim » Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:07 am

I have just purchased PathAway3 after using the trial version on my Treo600 and find it great to use. I was looking for map sw that would work both on the Treo600 and 650 as I will be upgrading at some stage and PathAway was one of the few I found that supported both.

Some suggestions that I think would make PathAway even better:

1 - When automatically switching from one tile to another, PathAway waits until your current position is off the map before displaying the next tile. It would be REALLY great if the bordering tile could be displayed earlier, giving a seamless map display.

2 - Fugawi has a feature that allows you to turn off map centering. basically the map stays still and the position cursor moves around the map. This would be a great option for some situations.

3 - Not all keys work correctly on the Treo. It would be great to be able to manually assign keys to individual functions

Other than that PathAway is great and well worth the purchase. Of the above suggestions the one I would like to see the most is by far the first suggestion. I would upgrade tomorrow if this feature became available.


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