Position relative to known point

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Position relative to known point

Postby Grubb » Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:50 pm

I t would be nice to have a screen box that always shows my position relative to a set position not just the closest one in my database. This would be similar to the proximity box except it would be relative to a point that I set in the preferences. This is useful for position reporting. Being able to give bearing and distance to the control tower (preset point) is better than giving my position relative to Aunt Bertha's house (a point in my database, but of no use to the tower asking my position). This would also help with flights that roam around in a general area, but must report position relative to a commonly known position such as student pilots working in a training area near an airport. Instead of reporting over Aunt Bertha's house ( a point in my database that I am actually over at the time) I can report 15 miles SE of Crashum airport (a point designated as my persitent proximity point).

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