motorcycle usage

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motorcycle usage

Postby zamzon » Mon Jun 27, 2005 11:41 am

When having gloves on, it would be really helpfull, if:

- the four edges of the touchscreen could be used to scale and zoom in and out (or be mapped to any other function, like with the hardkeys) with the active area adjustable because of different resolutions/screen sizes.
This *might* be limited to a minimum travel speed and/or to a transportation (-mode. In the german translation there is 'motorcycle').

- a drag from any other point (exept maybe the position marker, see my other post) could move the map as it is now)

- a drag of the position marker could move it from the center to this new position (if not done automatically by travel speed in opposite direction, to see more map ahead)

- when a new map is beeing loaded or calculated, a optical feedback would be very helpfull (esp. with long processing times like with scale out). Otherwise I'll never know, if the command has been accepted and I either have to wait before pressing again, or I'm hitting the key again too early and it performes the command twice.

Thank you.

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