Portugal complete cartography

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Portugal complete cartography

Postby passaro » Wed Jan 16, 2008 6:32 am

You can find in Mi4x4 a complete Portugal cartography originally calibrated for OziExplorer, more than 600 mlitary maps!

It is possible to convert the .gif + .cal files into a calibrated PathAway map using OziMapConverter, but I found the result is not so precise as I am used to, at least for the maps I tried (I don't know if the orignal calibration is not the best or if the conversion introduces some error).

I get better results by comparing the charts to Google Maps and then do my own calibration. I have done that for a few maps, and I share the PathAway calibration files I have done so far in the attached file. Use these files with PathAway Map Manager.

There are also maps for other countries, like Argelia, Chile, Libia, Senegal, Tunis, Germany, France, Spain, etc... but those I have not explored so far.

Have fun!!
PW Calibration.zip
Some PW calibration files for Portugal
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