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Pathaway in WM 5

Postby pyarnall » Mon Dec 12, 2005 9:19 am

I had previously inquired in the forum about compatibility issues with Windows Mobile 5 and, in particular, the Dell Axim X51v. There was one posting suggesting that WM5 was not an issue and another that alluded to possible issues.

I took the plunge and bought Pathaway. It is now loaded on my X51v and seems to work fine with no obvious problems. I am using a Syson CF plus GPS (the one without the built in memory... the mem units are NOT compatible, yet, with WM 5 & the X51v). It was basically a plug and play exercise. I made a test map of my local area using a carefully made photo of a paper map in Map manager. I also calibrated it there using coordinates from the map grid. I repeatedly tried to bring in the image file using the Open Map command but that rudely crashes the program. Once I remembered to Import the map everything went OK.

Only issue is that the calibrated maps errored out transfering to the X51 via ActiveSync 4 (big surprise... the most problematic software MS has ever written), but was able to transfer the maps using file copy - paste.

I haven't used the program in the field yet to offer any thoughtful criticism, but I can say it would be nice to be able to create routes with in Map Manager.

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