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Icon Manager

Postby andrixnet » Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:23 pm

I will be documenting here a few details I discovered while using Icon Manager and customized icons for Pathaway.

First, consider Icon Manager v4.01 (that comes with the latest, at this time 4.00.80 release)

So far I found 2 places with some brief documentation for Icon Manager.
    Icon Manager program - from the menu select Help->Help (F1)

Inconsistencies :
-->Pathaway GPS 4 - User Manual (PDF) page 90 (last) :
Create your own icon using an application such as Windows Paint. Create an image no larger than 24 pixels wide by 14
pixels high. The average is 11x11. Save the file as a .BMP, or Jpeg.

-->Icon Manager - Help menu :
Icons should be less then 32x32 pixels. For best results, use an image editor - such as Paint - to re-size your bitmaps before importing them into this application.

First, they don't match. Second ... both are wrong.

Real maximum size : 16x16 based on trial and error testing.
Icon Manager will import smaller images with their real dimmensions.
Icon Manager will resize larger images to fit 16x16, keeping aspect ratio.

Image size as recommended by help menu (32x32) will result in a 16x16 icon

Image size as recommended by Pathaway GPS 4 User Manual (24x14) will result in a 16x9 icon

A size 11x11 as recommended in the Pathaway GPS 4 User Manual is good, because larger icons (vertically) won't be displayed properly on the device.

However, I found that (at least on Palm OS 5.x) the actual maximum size that is visible in the menus is 12x11 before clipping occurs.

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Postby andrixnet » Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:52 pm

Though undocumented, I assume that 8bit icons must conform to the same palette as 8bit maps.

Trying to use the palettes documented for the Map Manager I hit a small problem. The palette files distributed with Pathaway are in JASC Palette format. Photoshop does not understand this format, so I had to find someone with Paint Shop Pro (by JASC, now taken over by Corel) to make the conversion.

For others as wel, I uploaded a ZIP file with these palettes in several formats :
- the original JASC Palette .PAL (understood by Paint Shop Pro and Corel Photopaint)
- Microsoft Palette .PAL (the name says it all)
- Photoshop Color Table .ACT
Pathaway 4bit and 8bit palette files in several formats for various graphics editors.
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