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Icon numbering

Postby jean-pierre » Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:54 pm

Hi all,

I am just wondering how the icon numbering (the one that you can extract from a .pwr file for example, and that you can transfer to PW via PWDBConvert) is translated into a particular entry in the icon database.

I was suspecting it was just the order of the record in the DB, but apparently the number transmitted to PW does not correspond to the order found in the drop down list of Point Icons in PW.

For example, I transmit the numbers 1 and 18, and I see on the map screen icons corresponding to the second and the first icone il the drop down list... Also, while the first icons in the list are not numbered, further in the list icons appeared to be numbered, starting at one and at least two have the same number.

Does anyone can put some light on this mystery ?


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