Can't save new nudged map calibration

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Can't save new nudged map calibration

Postby Paulo » Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:10 am

Every time I change a map calibration using nudge controls I'm promted to keep the new calibration but, most often than not, the map reverts to former calibration as soon as I tell MapAway to save it.

I've noticed this problem occurs most likely when making small adjustments. If I set a big nudge factor or if I press many times the controls it is likely to retain the new calibration.

My .pdf manual seems to be obslolete since it only shows a [X] button at the right of nudge controls while my 4.00.84 version presents a check mark button too. I don't know what are their intended uses but when I press the check mark the program quits nudging without a message and when I press [X] it asks if I want to save the new settings, wich I always do but sometimes it reverts to the previous calibration. Both buttons seems to work sometimes but not always.

I've found no hit searching for 'nudg' keyword. What am I doing wrong? This calibration method is the easiest for me after saving a couple of tracks along the map, it would be nice if it worked every time.

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Postby Carlos » Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:13 am

It happens nearly the same to me. I can’t save some calibrations corrected using nudge controls ¿Why? Please help us.

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