PA trial has problems with iENC Charts on Palm M515

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PA trial has problems with iENC Charts on Palm M515

Postby Peter J » Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:39 pm

A friendly hello @ all,

This is, what I have: A Palm M515, Magellan GPS Companion, 2 PC (one running WinXP and one Win7), PA trial, Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5+ and lots of free inland ENC Charts of the Danube.

That is what I want to do: Next Year I will travel with my inflateable from Vienna to the Black Sea on the Danube. Here my Palm plus Magellan GPS would come in handy.

And this is where I am stuck: As Fugawi 4.5 does not support exporting maps to Palm devices any longer I discovered that I can export maps in Symbian .prc format. Funnily enough PA installed on my Palm can handle those maps - as long as there are not more than a few.

Now that is my workflow: Load all ENCs of Austria (or Slovakia, Hungaria...) in Fugawi. The ENCs come in chunks of roughly 10 km. I select the approriate stretch of the river, select the scale (in my case 1:14810 gives a nice image on the Palm) and export it as Symbian .prc . Without any further manipulation I hotsync these files to the SD card (1 GB) of my palm.

As mentioned before this procedure proves succesful as long as there are not more than say 8 maps present. In size my maps are anything between some 10k and 3M maximum. The maps come with a colour depth of 256 colours.

And here comes trouble: Once I installed all maps, that is 52 in total, on the SD card, PA will come up with a seemingly random map and show me the hour glass and after a minute or so the well known "Out of Memory" pops up. After this the Palm is frozen and needs a soft reset.

I checked memory ressources and found out that I have over 11M free NV-RAM on my Palm. The SD card has over 800M free.

So my question to all wizards here: Can there something be done? What further information can I provide?

Thanks and

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