Measurements on tracks and routes

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Measurements on tracks and routes

Postby jp » Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:11 pm


Wouldn't it be nice to take a few measurements between any 2 points on a track or a route? Measurements should naturally be along the track/route. Something like distance, duration, averrage speed, max speed, delta altitude and possibly for people using PathAway for hicking total amount meters walked up and walked down.

The new feature on the distance of version .71 goes in the right direction but is not enough.

Such a feature naturally opens the question about how to select the 2 points. I would rather prefer having a graphical selection directly on the map than on the edit points menu. Such a selection should also support a hard button scroll up/down to move the 2 selection points along the track/route. The measured result could be displayed directly on the map as dash board items or anything similar.

Naturally we can split tracks and routes and do something similar for the distance and time, but this is rather not convenient.

By the way the selection mode described above for points might also be of help for anyother functions performed on points, tracks and routes.

I believe this goes along what edb1974 on the Windows side suggestion forum.

Does this make sense?



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