Magnification does no stay when switching maps

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Magnification does no stay when switching maps

Postby ZehHa » Sat Dec 15, 2007 7:07 pm


I'm using the PDA as a moving map device on my Motorbike. Due to the viewing distance (and my age, i. e. presbyopia :wink:) I prefer using the magnified map view. Whenever PA switches automatically to a new map, the magnification is set back to the default view. This a pretty annoying, I need to press the navigator button again while driving to get the magnified view back.

My wish: Please let the magnification stay during the whole trip, even if switching to a new map occured. At the end of the trip, or when Pathaway is left and restarted, I don't mind changing the magnifation, but being forced to do this several times during one trip is distracting.

Thank you


Carsten Hütter

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