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MP3 Sound files in PathAway

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:22 pm
by ZehHa
Hello Scott!

Now I'm preparing a city trip to Rome, Italy. I got a nice collection of digital maps to find my way around, including a .jpg map with markings of all the places of interest.

In addition we got a nice audio guide with a corresponding .mp3 files to each landmark. PathAway includes the feature to play sound files linked to points, but unfortunately only .wav files, not those in mp3 format. It think, the ability to play mp3 files from within PathAway would be a nice extra bonus.

Most of the digital sound files nowaday are in mp3 fomat anyway, and maybe the PathAway application can just start an external player. Most of the Palm's media players including ptunes can play in the background. But to get them started, you have to leave PathAway...

Kind regards