actual distance covered while climbing

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actual distance covered while climbing

Postby cwebb » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:31 pm


Great program! I was finally able to use Pathaway in the mountains last weekend, while climbing in the Adirondacks.

Perhaps the following is already incorporated in Pathaway and I'm missing something:

While tracking and climbing, is Pathaway actually calculating the distance my footsteps are covering, or is it simply recording the 'birdseye view' of my progress? ie: is it only measuring horizontal motion, rather than calculating my progress up the side of the mountain?

I don't know if it's practically mathematically possible, seems it ought to be, for each tracking segment, to calculate the actual trail-distance up the mountainside (hypotenuse) from the [altitude-change relative to the horizontal-distance-covered] figures.

Would this kind of calculating on-the-move take too much processing power?

You see, many of the trails I've hiked will have the miles posted at the trailhead, and of course, my Pathaway miles always differed.

Thanks for a great tool.

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