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Softkeys, height profile

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 5:47 pm
by wild_thing
1. Configurable sofkeys on the display panel would be great. The four keys on the device itself are often not enought. The solution could be like this:
Create a menu-view that sits upon the map-view (like the dashboard)
Maybe additionally allow softkeys on the dashboard
The menu-view can, of course, reached by configurating a hard-key.
The size of the soft-key should be configurable for finger-use and pen-use.

2. It would be great to view the height-profile of tracks/routes as an diagram

3. This height-view of a track/route should also be viewable on the dashboard. Great for hiking or mountainbiking, where it allows to see, how many meters there are left to climb. The actual position in the height-profile of a track/route could be shown as verical line.