Proximity Points in Proximity View Suggestion

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Proximity Points in Proximity View Suggestion

Postby rsanabria80 » Sun Jan 21, 2007 5:59 am

Hello, i'm using PathAway4 and I can see there are two things I suggest to change in future editions...

1- Proximity Points shown in the proximity view, are displayed in order of proximity while they are in the 180 degrees front (90 to the right and 90 left from the heading), that's cool, but if you are flying, and you need to know the closest point, it is good to know which is the closest point indeed no matter if it is behind or not...

2- It would be also good to have a screen that shows all the nearest points only, with their distances, bearings, and icons...

I hope i did explain myself good enough for you to understand... Email me if you are interested in better explanation.


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