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Retrial on bluetooth loss of communication

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:44 pm
by jp

For about 20s PW seems to keep trying reaching the GPS receiver. Yet after this time the alarm is issued and a message is displayed.

Wouldn't it be possible that besides displaying the message and sounding the alarms, to automatically retries bluetooth communication every -say- 5 minutes. In this case, should the retrial be successful then the message could then be automatically acknowledged.

In Pocket mode it is rather annoying to find that the tracking did not work maybe after a few hours of usage. The alarms may not always be loud enough and having to take the Palm out of a back pack may although be somewhat cumbersome.

Also note that if I turn my GPS receiver off and back on PW will not get back on track. This is a petty.

Thank you for concidering this request.

Hope this will make PW even better.