Alarm volume settings to be saved in preferences

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Alarm volume settings to be saved in preferences

Postby Guenther Erhard » Sun May 20, 2007 7:21 pm

Hi Scott,

During my hiking trip to Italy last week I missed once an alarm telling me that the GPS connection was lost. The cause for this was some other program has set the "game volume settings" to 0. :(

As PW uses the "game volume settings" for its alarms this can be very annoying because the user gets no notification that the sound volume is 0.

I have two possible suggestions to solve this problem:
1) Just give the user at program start a short warning that the sound volume is 0 (only if the user has alarms enabled)

2) Give the user the option to set the volume in PW preferences independently from the Palm OS settings. In this case PW must save the original settings at program start and set them back at exit. I do this in my vocabulary program with just a few lines of code.


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