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Pocket mode

Postby dsops » Tue Jul 03, 2007 12:01 am

During a trip, from unexpected reasons the gps bluetoots connection is temporary lost. The PathAway4 on Palm (Tungsteen T5) shows a message an stop logging. This message is useless, because the palm in in the ... pocket. So, I have two lternatives: 1 - check the palm every minute for the connexion: packed mode being obsolete, 2 - lost precious and hard to repeat traces. Can we hope for a future version with auto reconnecting option (selectable timeout & retries or other useful implenmentation?). Thanks.

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Postby jp » Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:14 pm

Hi dsops

Thanks for requesting this function on your side. I posted already a while back something along these lines. Unfortunatly with no feedback.

Alternatively you can setup a sound for the Palm to inform you that you lost communication. Unfortunatly there is a bug which make this sound not sound while in pocket mode! Besides, as you suggested the real solution is not to display any message, or sound a sound you might not hear but rather retry communication on a regular basis.

Your proposed feature is also rather important to me. I use PA (amongst other) while hicking. I have my receiver in my back pack and the Palm in my pocket. From time to time my Palm loses communcation to the GPS receiver and therefore display this nice message ... while in pocket mode... while my Palm is in my pocket!

I hope this feature will make the list of fetures to work on...



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