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Backlight Control

Postby PiDiEy » Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:15 am

I'm using pathaway 4 SE with the xplore m68. The advantage of the M68 is, that the display is very bright in the sun. Absolutly NO backlight is necessary by daylight.

Now I'm missing for saving battery the option to switch off/on the backlight directly in pathaway by using a Hardware Button.

It will be great, if this option will in integrate.

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Postby ZehHa » Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:32 pm

Hello PiDiEy!

Usually you can set the backlight brightness within PalmOS. Even your xplore Smartphone should be able to do this.

But there is a feature (or should we name it a bug?) in PalmOS Garnet that does not allow to switch off the backlight (set brightness to zero) with the brighness control. But if you load "BrightnessFix" or "BrightnessFix2", this limitation will be resolved. And you can switch off the backlight in any application, not just PathAway. Just do some googling for "PalmOS" and "BrightnessFix" or "BrightnessFix2" and you will find these pieces of freeware.

I think it is not necessary to have this as an option in PathAway.




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