UK OS maps via Fugawi

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UK OS maps via Fugawi

Postby Davidhs » Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:25 am

I am trying Pathaway on your 15 day trial on a Palm TX plus a Royaltek GPS data logger.
It is very impressive; streets ahead of the Fugawi product I already own.

As I understand what is said on your website and Fugawi's, Windows mobile users can transfer maps from Fugawi to their PDAs.
Please extend this facility to Palm users as soon as you can.
I have UK OS 1:50,000 data from Fugawi and am considering buying selected 1:25,000 data. Their Palm application is very weak compared with yours.
So I would appreciate some indication that you are still actively developing for Palm.

For the UK, ordnance Survey map products are the only ones to consider, especially for rural areas. (I have no connection with the OS.) Google maps are very weak by comparison - and as Google is wrong right outside my front gate, I have no confidence for the rest of the country.

I hope you are not going to tell me the Palm PDA market has so diminished that you have no case for providing this!

Or, alternatively, are you considering providing a bridge from any other supplier of UK OS data, eg. Memory Map or Anquet?

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Postby Scott » Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:11 pm

We are definitely still supporting and adding features for Palm OS.

We have provided Fugawi with a tool for generating PathAway maps for Palm OS. We are hopeful they will implement it in the near future.

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