Alarms Intersectionpoints, alarm areas

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Alarms Intersectionpoints, alarm areas

Postby hossi18 » Sat Aug 13, 2005 4:12 pm

I`m just testing the newest trial version 3.10.48 and have problems with alarms. I marked barrier riffs or stones in the water with an "intersection" point, so that on a simulated GPS-route speaker should ring, if I'm near this point. This doesn't work with TURN-Alarm, sometimes it works, if additional PROXI-alarm is switched on. But sometimes it works only the first time after starting PathAway, not a second time. I don't understand that. Is that a bug or what is wrong with my settings? Is it a problem of GPS-simulating or a prob of my trialversion? Second question: how can I mark AREAs (instead of points) and get alarms, if route is touching the AREAs ? Or is this a suggestion for newer releases and should be posted there?
Thx for your comments.

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