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Map Format and importing of maps

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:18 pm
by goletto
Hi Scott

I have been using PathAway since many years.
But I still cannot import certain maps from TTQV to PathAway. For example, SwissTopo and the french IGN, or only in completely impractically small tiles.

This may seem to your North American customers to be only a minor inconvinience, but for me , living in Switzerland, this is a major shortcoming.

What I would wish are the following features :
- a map licence handling system, which would allow import of large maps from TTQV
- raster maps with vector overlays
- zoom-dependent automatic switching between topos and satellites

You just need to have a look what TwoNav and ape@map can do !

Do you have any plans in this regard ?

Greetings from Switzerland