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Postby spiro3 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:03 pm

london SE1

hi Pathaway
very good software
however, some problems to report on,
HTC Touch hd, WM6.1 storage card 4Gb
PathaWay 5.30.14 SE trial, full installation from a PC on to storage card.

When selecting a Point on map near my location as POI using the 'add Point' button this all-ways re-locates the POI 6miles east of my GPS location.

When trying to adjust the position of the new POI I noticed if any point placed east of the GMT meridian work fine, (points positioned correctly).
If however, I try and move the point WEST of GMT the POI is relocated EAST of GMT.
It seems that the 'W' part of the coordinates are not read correctly and is seen as 'easting coordinates'.
In the 'edit points' box, this shows the correct westing coordinates.

All other function seems to be fully working, GPS locating me correctly on map.
i have not been able to test routing. traking seems to work.
However, webmaps download via 12mgb wifi connection very slow.
all Openstreet map tiles are randomly miss aligned or appear to be at different scale, this is made worst when changing scale.
The google maps and images however are displayed correctly.
Interesting observation - when setting the 'storage card' as webmap cache, this seems to improve the alignment of the OpenStreetmap tiles.
The imported OpeStreetMaps from TQV works fine (using scale 16 and 17 from mapnik)

hope you can help me with this as i am looking for alternative solutions.
my trail runs out in about 12 days.
all other function work fine.
I like the customisation option very helpful on a small VGA screen.

many thanks

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