PathAway 5 hangs

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PathAway 5 hangs

Postby zuber » Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:55 pm

I just tried PathAway on my Nokia E52 phone and I have some comments:
- I used map converted from OziExplorer - map size for Ozi is about 17MB, while for PathAway it needs ober 50MB
- after loading this map to PathAway, programs closes itself after couple of seconds - I don't think that this is memory or CPU issue - Nokia E52 is quite powerful
- so I tried converting another map - in such case it was working - but map zooming and scrolling is very slow

On daily basis I'm using software called SmartcomGPS - it is very similar piece of software. And it is working very fast, without any hang ups, etc. The only drawback is, that it is no longer developed

Whe PathAway will be so reliable and fast like SmartcomGPS, I will be first to buy it :)


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Postby zuber » Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:24 pm

Just made another try - it works better when I use Uncompressed map - at least it is not hanging. But map is bigger (over 60MB fro 16bit map, while SmartcomGPS needed only 21.5 MB for 24bit map)

My map is 4800 x 6800 pixels 16bit.

Zooming out - is very slow - and quality is very bad - when I want to make overview of the whole map - it takes minutes to render the picture and it is completely unreadable.

So, it is not much usable. SmartcomGPS works far better in this regard.

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Postby zuber » Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:17 pm

It looks like my mistake.

Here is what I did to make problematic file:
1. I converted *.map file to *.cal file using OziMapConverter
2. I used PWMapConvert.exe to convert *.jpg and *.cal files into *.prc

I seems that PWMapConvert.exe is causing the problem.

When I did the conversion using PathAway Map Manager.exe (from the same *.jpg and *.cal files), *.prc file is working fine.

Regardless of compression.

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