Is there a way to see elevation profile of a route?

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Is there a way to see elevation profile of a route?

Postby Chrisqmalibu » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:57 pm


I just bought PathAway Express. I used to use PathAWay on iQue 3600 years ago. I have been looking for a way to plan a route and check elevation profiles. It's the feature we all need.

A few comment.

1 All icons looks ugly on the iPad. Please increase the resolution.
2 Free App from DirectU preloaded with all OpenStreetMap making it easy for offline use. Why can't this $25 App preload them?
3 The User Interface is not user friendly at all. Too many steps to do simple things. If I click on a route, it should allow me to preview elevation profile, etc.
4 a lot of failed map downloads. Please let us download free maps like DirectU via In-App purchase. directU preloaded over a GB worth of map.



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