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Import maps into Pathaway on iPhone or iPad

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 9:05 pm
by tobbjo
Method 1. Use iTunes File Sharing, to copy maps from your PC to your device.
- In iTunes, choose your device from the list at the side panel
- Select the "Apps" Tab.
- Scroll to the bottom, you'll see the title "File Sharing".
- Choose the "PathAway Ex" icon.
- Choose "Add Files..."
- Select the PathAway map(s) to copy to your device.
- Sync iTunes
- Run PathAway on your iPhone or iPad.
- Select "Maps->Import".
- Once completed, new maps will be accessible by "Zoom in or out", or
by selecting the &quot;<b>Maps-&gt;Custom Maps</b>&quot; dialog. <br>