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Exprt maps from fugawi to pathaway

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:55 pm
by wulf
:D pathaway exp has arrived. That is the good news!!
:? Now I tried to export some parts of "kompass" hiking maps that can be imported to fugawi ( actual vversion 4.5.52... ) to pathaway.
The bad news are:
:roll: The export menue for PDA submenue pathawaay does not work!
:roll: Teh export menue for symbian , submenue pathaqay starts producing an export file and starts also producing an conversion file to the . pcr Format. Bau after a long time the prozedure is quitted with the error message, 2 Access violation at adress 007784B3 in module "Fugawi:45.exe" Read of adress 00000040"

That is a dissappoinnting experience.
Is there another way to import Topo mas and kompass maps for Iphone pathaway?

Best Regards :roll: