Can't Import .gpx MapFiles

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Can't Import .gpx MapFiles

Postby DavidH » Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:48 am

I am running Pathaway Pro (Ver on a Samsung S5 Smartphone (Android Ver 5.0)

I am trying to import map files from OpenStreetMaps from my PC to the S5. I have used GPSBabel to convert the .osm files to .gpx and copied them to the folder /storage/extSDCard/Pathaway on the S5. When I go to Maps > Import in Pathaway, I can't see the .gpx files, only the .prc files that I have also copied there. I understand that Pathaway can use .gpx map files - what am I doing wrong?

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Re: Can't Import .gpx MapFiles

Postby Ulmer.Spatz » Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:22 am

Importing Maps and Data

To import PathAway custom maps, you'll need to convert them to PathAway .prc format. You can use our Map Manager for Windows at, or use a third party app such as QuoVadis(Touratech-QV) or Fugawi. See for map tools and sources.

The Map Import command brings external custom maps into the app. Map Files can be imported directly or from an online service. Currently is the only online service available.

Local File: Import local files that have been copied to the current device. Select the files from the file selector.

Supported Maps: PathAway .prc, unprotected BSB/KAP.
X-Traverse Maps: Import X-Traverse downloadable maps available in your X-Traverse account. See for more information on available downloadable maps. Note, that X-Traverse has 2 types of maps available, dynamic WebMaps and downloadable maps. The X-Traverse WebMaps maps are selected via the Maps->WebMaps dialog.

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