Serial to Tungsten T5

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Serial to Tungsten T5

Postby Eberhardt » Wed Oct 12, 2005 3:27 pm

I bought from pcables an cable which emulates the serial port on the T5. This works with many programs (i.g. Hotsync, GPilotS, TTQV) but unfortunately not with PW3 in the Garmin/Garmin mode.(NMEA is working). Maybe it can be checked whats wrong with the serial port on PW3. There must be a difference between PW3 and the other programs which are working.

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PathAway with Tungsten T5 and Garmin Geko 301

Postby jkaplan » Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:48 pm


I struggled to get my Tungsten T5 talking to my GPS for a long time too, but seem to have managed now. To help others, here are the details of the hardware and software configuration I am using.

*Palm Tungsten T5
*Garmin Geko 301
*Supplynet connector cable (Palm-GPS) 130082I-GPS ... rodID=7810

*Supplynet Tungsten T5 Patch file (
*PowerOut 1.0 by ITO N. Hisashi

To get the Geko to communicate with the T5:

1. Connect the GPS to the Palm with the cable
2. Start the TungstenT5FlowControl program and select "Enable Flow Control"
3. Start the PowerOut program and select "On"
4. Start PathAway and attempt to connect to the gps unit.

If you cannot connect to the GPS immediatetly you may need to mess around with the "flow control" and "power out" settings to get it working (try different combinations of the two parameters).

To go use your palm in normal sync mode again you may have to "disable flow control" and "power out."

Good luck!

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