creation of tracks and display remaining distance in maps

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creation of tracks and display remaining distance in maps

Postby harry » Mon Jun 20, 2005 11:34 pm

I have the following suggestions:

1. It seems that there is no feature to create tracks in the maps in an easy way. This would be very helpful for situations where no laptop is available and a track should be planned and sent to the gps.
This would be very much appreciated.
Question: how can it be done with the actual features ?

2. I use Garmin ETREX VISTA.
If the trackback function is activated, you can see the remaining distance of the track, if a planned track is used. This information should also be available in the pathaway maps as additional display option if it is connected to the gps.
Another possibilty could be, that pathaway calculates the remaining distance of the track, depending on the actual position delivered by the gps.
Also this would help a lot, in order to know how far away you are from the destination.
The same is with the height.

Is there anything foreseen for the next version or for version 4 ?
When version 4 will be released ?

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Postby Scott » Wed Jun 22, 2005 12:50 am

I think what you are looking for is in terms of a planned track is referred to in PathAway as a "Route".
To create a Route, you can simply click on the areas of the map and choose "Add Route Pt..." you want to use on your route.
Then you "Follow" this route while navigating. While travelling a "Track Log" is recorded.

After recording, you can go into the Options->Tracks dialog, select a track and choose "Follow Reverse" (in effect a Trackback). Now your recorded track is acting as your current "Route".

PathAway can show you the remaining distance along the track you are following as well as the distance directly to your destination. These options are available via choosing a custom dashboard item, or choosing one of the pre-build screens.

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