PathAway - PRO Edition
for Android

Pre-release Notes

Installing with current Versions

If you are installing this version and have stable builds of other PathAway Editions and you wish to use your current maps and data, it is recommended that you make a copy of your /sdcard/PathAway folder. PathAway PRO will upgrade your database PathAwayAndroid.db so it may no longer work with other Editions (until they are updated as well).

X-Traverse Downloadable Library Support: Now includes support to Download Charts by name. Downloadable Charts have now been seperated from WebMaps, and moved to the Data->Import Maps dialog. So now you can have Downloaded X-Traverse charts layered with the selected WebMaps at the same time. Once downloaded, these maps can be selected from the regular "Data->Maps" dialog or zoomed in or out to.

Importing Maps:

Place maps into the /sdcard/PathAway folder, or /sdcard/external_sd/PathAway folder to have PathAway automatically load them.
You can then select them via the Menu->Data->Maps dialog.

Known Problems - Reproduced and Verified (Current Build)


Known Problems - Not Reproduced (Current Build)


Suggestions - (not implemented):


Build Release Notes

Release Version - Oct 29 2017
- Added OpenTopoMaps

Release Version - Jan 12 2017
- Fix for maps moved to

Release Version - Nov 21 2016
- Fix for crash on import (Android 6+)

Release Version - May 5 2016
Added for PRO: Night Mode.
- This feature will switch to colour palettes suitable for night navigation.
See View->Night Mode to turn this feature on/off - Various Bug Fixes

Release Version - Feb 2 2016
- Added for Android 6.0: Permission Confirmations. App would not run on some devices without the App confirming permissions.
- Fixed: X-Traverse Import Maps not working.

Release Version - Nov 14 2015
- Added: Large Tool icons for using with gloves or large fingers.

Release Version - Sep 3 2015
- Added: Import now has multi select. Select multiple files to import at once.
- Added PRO: "Calculate Location" to "Edit Point" and "Find by Coordinates". Enter a distance offset and heading to calculate new coordinates.

Release Version - July 17 2015
- Added: Option for route or track point added: Delete to End, Delete to Start to trim tracks and routes. Ie. Tap on a route point, Tap again for menu, choose Route menu - "Delete to End" or "Delete to Start". Note that "Split Here" is similar to "Delete to End" except it creates a new route with the remaining points.

Release Version - July 7 2015
- Added: In Overlay Dashboard - Drag dash item to new location on Map..
- Fixed (PRO). SMS Receive was always sending Label as "SEG". This requires Delete of the SEG user in "Remote-Received Locations
- Added Settings-Map Display-"Show Closest Route Pt.": Option to turn the closest point on route marker on/off. By default now, it is off.
- Added Settings-Map Display-"Show Map Center Marker": Option to turn the map center marker on/off. By default now, it is off.
- Added: Interactive Help Panel. As you select options, help panel will scroll to the relevant section of the manual. Help Panel can be sized by dragging the title bar up/down. Currently only tool icons are linked.
- Fixed: Visibility of selected files in the File Selector.
- Fixed: Right aligned dashboard sometimes overwriting other UI areas of the screen.

Release Version - May 18 2015
- Added: UI Improvements in Tracking Menu
- Added: Track/Route Details - Can go to Edit Name/Activity. - Fixed: Bugs and reported crashes
- Fixed: Activity not automatically being added to new route
- Fixed: Alarms not sounding in background mode.

Release Version - Apr 24 2015
- Added: Show/Hide Toolbar (View menu). Tap bottom of screen to bring up Toolbars
- Added: Show/Hide Dashboard for Tiled Dash (View menu).
- Fixed: Error in Magnetic Compass
- Other Bug Fixes

Release Version - Apr 7 2015
- Fixed: Main Menu checkboxes now functional.
- Fixed: Where applicable, menu checkboxes do not terminate the menu
- Fixed: Remote location retrieval with multiple remotes using label only as id.
- Fixed: Take Picture from toolbar.

Release Version - Apr 1 2015
- Added: Reset Trip. to Tracking Tool menu
- Fixed: erratic sizing of Zoom Toolbar  items on older devices
- Added: 100% Scale Tool to Zoom Toolbar
- Added "Exit" button on main menu.
- Fixed: turning the GPS back on will resume the track recording.
- Fixed: Custom Map zoom-in/out was only going one level.
- Fixed: "Other Points" menu
- Fixed: Zoom 100% menu item checkbox
- Fixed: zoom in and zoom out only zoom one level on custom maps.

Release Version - Mar 24 2015

- Fixed: Menu hard button new brings up Main Menu
- Performance - Improved Drawing speed with large tracks/routes.

Release Version - Mar 20 2015
- New Design - Initial Pre-release

Release Version - Nov 21 2014
- Fixed: Possible crash after running Simulator. - Added: Export Point Database. Photos now stored in kmz and zipped export files.
- Fixes in Remote Settings, Auto Send/Retrieve Settings. - Lots of minor bug fixes

Release Version - Sep 11 2014
- Added: Support for new Account-based product registration system. No more UID or Registration keys. Just login to your PathAway account. Currenty working for new purchases only.
- Added: Hi-Res Scale Adjust option. In Data->Webmaps. This feature allows you to turn on/off the scaling up of Webmaps for better visibility of map text on hi-res screens.

Release Version - Aug 18 2014
- Fixed: If not tracking, then GPS not reconnecting after resume.

Release Version - Aug 14 2014

- Fixed: Route Dist to Destination when turning a single point route to a multi point route.
- Added: Can now move/delete route points while in Edit Route Mode
- Added: Route Distance now recalulated in Data-Routes - Recalc Stats command. - Added: Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) now restricts writing to external SD Card to only a designated App folder. The folders for PathAway are:
PathAway PRO: Android/Data/com.muskokatech.PathAwayPro/files
PathAway Express: Android/Data/com.muskokatech.PathAway/files
PathAway LE: Android/Data/com.muskokatech.PathAwayLE/files
PathAway Free: Android/Data/com.muskokatech.PathAwayFree/files

Release Version - Jun 12 2014
- Added: Settings-General: Set Wind Speed Units, Temperature Units, Magentic Compass Speed Threshold.
- Fixed: X-Traverse Canada Topo downloading.

Release Version - May 29 2014
- Added: Magnetic Heading option - Settings-General.
- Fixed: Weather download Fails download after day 2. Now uses low res weather after day 2.
- Fiexd: Google Satellite Maps not downloading.

Release Version - May 9 2014
- Added: Different Map and View for Weather Screen

Release Version - May 2 2014
- Fixed - Track Data Export and Duplicate crash
- Added Subscription prices and descriptions to Weather Subscribe dialog
- Weather Forecasting downloading notifications

Release Version - APR 29 2014
- Weather View - Tablet and Portrait/Lanscape resizing
- Weather View - Improved Map Resoulution display
- Weather View - Added legends supporting metric and imperial units depending on the Settings.

Release Version - APR 18 2014
- Bug Fixes in Setting up Remote services, X-Traverse, adding points
- Added: Theyr Weather Forecast overlay maps. This is a new subscription based feature to overlay weather maps onto existing maps and charts. A free sample is included showing low resolution 12 hour Wind, Precipitation, and Temperature. See the startup "What's new" for more info.
To view the Weather maps, go to the menu "Screens->Weather View". The new screen has a scrolling tool bar at the top for control of weather features, animation, and overlay transparency.
Note, subscriptions can be done directly by creating a account (see "Settings->My Accounts"), then purchasing a subscription. Also supported is X-Traverse Weather subscriptions. Log into X-Traverse via the "Settings->My Accounts" dialog, and choose X-Traverse as the service.

Release Version - Jan 15 2014
- Improved: Points Dialog Add Point.
- Added: Tracks/Routes "Repair" option to fix database if corrupted.
- Added: Exit Confirmation on "Back" key. Optional, turn on in Settings->General.
- Added: New Map Scale Dash Item
- Fixed: View->Map Display, now goes directly to "Settings->Map Display" screen
- Fixed: Toolbar size for screens 200-240 dpi

Release Version - Dec 31 2013
- Added: Webmaps overzoom. Now zoom in further, PathAway will scale up the map tiles.
- Added: For hi-res screens, webmaps will be scaled up for easier reading of map details
- Improved: Easier selection of Dashboard item details (via double tap).

Release Version - Dec 5 2013
- Fixed: Icons not showing on Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Release Version - Nov 20 2013
- Added: Startup screen with links to Newsletter, Ratings, and Manual
- Added: News and upgrades screen.
* Note, both these screens can be turned off once the app is purchased.

Release Version - Oct 10 2013
- SMS Location: Now will log and record locations when PathAway is not running
- SMS Location: Added receiving locations for other microtracker protocols, GPRMC, GPGGA,
- Added Quick Data Export of Current Track (or route if no track)
- Help button fixed
- Fixed: Distance Radials color settings not saved

Release Version - Sep 20 2013
- Fixed: Edit Point - datum conversion failed for some datum types.
- Improved Tracks, Routes, Point Databases context menu.

Release Version - Sep 17 2013
- Further UI improvements.
- Fixed Send Location PathAway Findme service now defaults correctly to HTTP Get.
- Additional German translations

Release Version - Sep 12 2013
- Import and Export fixes.
- Added Settings->General-Area units
- fixed Calc Area.
- Cosmetics

Version - Sep 6 2013
- Improved UI for HD screens (icons and other bitmaps too small).
- Improved caching and performance for HD screens.

Version - Sep 3 2013
- Import->X-Traverse. Activate Maps fixed.
- Added: PathAway PRO Manual
- New German Translations

Version - Aug 28 2013
- Improved Select Folders dialogs
- Improved Export Dialog
- Implemented Custom Alarm Sound

Version - Aug 23 2013
- Data->Tracks/Routes/Point Database - Edit Toolbar->Export Icon. Folder Select improved. Remembers last format and folder.
- Data->Maps/Tracks/Routes/Point Database: Can now switch between different database types via dropdown on these dialogs

Version - Aug 16 2013
- Data->Tracks/Routes/Point Database - Edit Details. Now when you create a new Route, you can immedialtly choose points to add to the route via the "Add Points" button. If editting the Route, this option is "Edit Points".
- In View Points - Added '+' icon to toolbar, to add a point to the route from a Points Database

Version - Jul 22 2013
- Improvements to Profile View
- Added Settings->Profile View, to adjust settings for the Profile View.
- Fixes for storing distance and time data with track/route databases

Version - Jul 11 2013
- New remote, calibrate Icons.
- Settings->Profile View. For adjusting how the Profile View is shown (Incomplete)
- Tracks/Routes/Point Databases Dialog - "Show (on map)" mode is now the default
- Lines Style dialog improved. Default "Other Tracks" color modified.
- Various stability and performance improvements.
- Fixed Google Satellite maps not working

Version - Jun 17 2013
- Import->X-Traverse Maps: Fixed some maps that came up garbled.

Version - Jun 4 2013
- Added improved Icon Selection Dialog in a grid layout for quicker selection.
- Added "Offline Webmaps". Download multiple resolutions of Webmaps for use offline. Position map showing the entire area to download, then choose the depth of resolution required.
- Added: If GPS is disabled, now gives option to go to the System Settings screen to turn it on.
- Added "Turn" (as Set as Turn Instruction) to the "Add to Route" menu. (Tap-hold - Add to Route). When "Turn" is on, the next point added to the route will be a "Turn Instruction". Note, you can set a Turn instruction to an existing Route or Track point, by changing its "Icon" to an "Intersection" icon.
- Added: In Edit Point Dialog, "PinPoint" to improve the accuracy of a stored point. Take multiple GPS samples and PathAway will average them to calculate a more accurate location.
- Fixed X-Traverse BSB/KAP maps - accented characters in display name
- Fixed: X-Traverse BSB/KAP Some maps showing black as white (not all tested yet)
- Fixed: "Remote Locations" - Edit Details
- Fixed: "Other Points" menu

Version - Apr 28 2013
- Fixed Webmaps - XTraverse Settings.
- Improvements to Remote Locations Show/Hide.
- Many bug fixes
- Edit Point - Pinpoint now partially implemented

Version - Mar 28 2013
- Added Settings->Alarms->Edit Alarms dialog.
- Fixed crash in Settings->Coordinates
- Fixed Compass View titles and item customization menu access (via tap and hold).
- Fixed icons not displaying on some Android 4.1+ and higher devices.

Version 5.75.11 - Feb 27 2013
- X-Traverse Downloadable Charts have now been separated from WebMaps, and moved to the Data->Import Maps dialog. So now you can have Downloaded X-Traverse charts layered with the selected WebMaps at the same time.
- Further performance improvements have been made to the rendering of Maps, and drawing of tracks and routes.

Version 5.75.00 - Jan 31 2013
- Pre-Beta release. For demonstration purposes. UI and features are incomplete. Please do not report bugs..