PathAway Tips

The PathAway Tips are an extension to the User Manuals to assist you in executing on many of the Advanced features of PathAway and to enhance your experience with using PathAway. The follow Tips are currently available:

View PathAway Trips in Google Earth

Use Google Earth Points in PathAway

Offline vs Online

Offline vs Online

For outdoor activities, often you're venturing into areas where no cell data connection is available. PathAway has a number of features to enable you to use your maps when no connection is available.

WebMaps - These are maps that are downloaded on-the-fly as you travel, scroll, and zoom the map screen. When viewing Webmaps, each map tile is downloaded and cached onto the your device so its always available if you lose your data connection. You can also pre-download sections by zooming or scrolling around the screen. See menu option Data-WebMaps.

Offline Webmaps - In Express Edition or higher, you can set your map view to a wide area, then choose the "Offline Webmaps" feature to download multiple zoom levels of an area in batch sequence. See menu option Data-Offline Webmaps.

Map Files - In PathAway Express Edition or higher, you can import your own map files into PathAway. These are always "offline" and available for use. You can use PathAway format maps (.prc) which are created by our PathAway Map Manager, third-party mapping software, or aquired through various sources. Unencrypted BSB/KAP charts can also be directly imported without the need for conversion. Menu Option Data-Maps. - PathAway also supports maps and charts supplied by These maps are available for Import into PathAway. Simply purchase the maps set from, then in PathAway, choose the Data-Import-X-Traverse option. You can then login, select your map set, then download the charts you need. Once downloaded, all the charts will be available for offline use.