PathAway Text Delimited Track, Route, and Point Database Format

General info:
- Comma separated Text format.
- All location data is stored in WGS84 Datum. In earlier versions, user may have used a different datum and kept a consistency of datum across maps and data. (ie. calibrate and capture GPS position in desired format)

Database Record Structure:

- Records are Comma Delimited text as follows:

Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Time, Name, Icon,Note
Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Time, Name, Icon,Note, Extended Format ID, Sound File, Picture File, Execute File

Latitude,Longitude Field:
- Stored in decimal degrees (hdd.ddddd) or degrees and decimal minutes (hdd mm.mmmm).
- d=degrees, m=minutes
- Positive latitudes are Northern hemisphere, positive longitudes are Eastern hemisphere.
- Stores only in WGS 84 datum format. Datum is not specified in earlier versions.
45.124, -79.342

Elevation Field:
- Numerical Stored in feet (fractions). ie. 843.74

Time Field:
- Time format is<space>yyyymmdd.
The date may be missing in older databases.
Time field may be omitted. Esp. for waypoint files.
083029.34 20030629 equals 8:30 am and 29.34 seconds, on June 29, 2003

Name Field:
- Can be up to 32 characters.
- Any Ascii value except comma is allowed.

Icon Field:
Number of built in icon, or [iconDBname:icon]. iconDBname is the icon database name (without the .prc extension). icon is the name of the icon. Example icon:gas means the icon.prc file, gas icon.
Fixed Icon Symbols:

0=Default Point symbol.

4=Small Black circle

Note Field:
- Can be up to 15000 characters.
- Any Ascii value except comma is allowed, unless contained inside double quotes.
- For PathAway 4 and higher, the Note may also contain XML tags which represent the sound and picture attachments to the point record. The xml is appended to the end of the description and prefixed with "?xml?".

Extended Format ID:
Version ID of extended delimited format

Sound File attachment:
Filename of Sound file

Picture File attachment:
Filename of Picture file

Executable File attachment:
Filename of executable program to run or html file reference