Data Conversion Tools

There are conversion tools available for converting to and from PathAway format databases. These tools are provided as Windows or Mac Desktop PC programs, command-line batch programs, or Windows DLLs.

Map Conversion Tools

Map Manager for Windowsis an easy to use application for converting raster images or maps of different formats for use in PathAway. Scan or import maps and calibrate to their geographic coordinates. Download PathAway Map Manager

Download Command-line PathAway Map Conversion Tools
( for Windows)
This is a zip file containing tools for converting maps to PathAway format. The zip file contains the batch program, Windows DLL, and instructions html page. See Instructions for more detail.
Formats Supported:
Map: Jpeg, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, GeoTiff, BSP/KAP
Calibration Files: TFW (WorldFile), JPR (Fugawi), CAL (Touratech/QuoVadis)

PathAway Map Manager for Macintosh (pre-release) is a version of Map Manager for Macintosh PCs. This is a third-party utility and is not supported by MuskokaTech. Download Mac Map Manager here.