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PathAway GPS 4
for Palm Powered Handhelds
What's New

Tungsten T3 Users:

To utilize PathAway in full-screen mode you will need to install the special Tungsten T3 utilities in T3_DIA.zip. (they are not included in the install program). Click here to download them.



PathAway GPS 4 - Standard Edition

Latest updates:

Read the Release Notes for information on what's in the latest updates. Check out the PathAway Support Forum for questions, and to share information and experiences.

Upgrade policy: none
Palm OS Compatibility: Palm OS version 3.5+. If you have Palm OS 3.0 to 3.5 you can still use PathAway version 2, which is available for download here

Installation Instructions:

1. Read these instructions first. This version is a 15-day trial. After which time you will need to return to PathAway.com to purchase and receive the unlock key. For information on the latest release, please read the Release Notes and FAQs on the PathAway Support Forum.

Trial Restrictions:
- Program expires after 15 days of use.
- GPS Connection limited to 10 minutes.

2. Read the System Requirements to ensure PathAway will work with your devices.

3. Read and Accept the License Agreement.

4. If you are upgrading from PathAway 2 or 3, please read the Upgrade Installation Notes.

5. Download and Install the Application.
You can download and run the PathAway Installer or download by selected component. Once you have installed the program, you can return to the download site to get regular updates of PathAway3.PRC only. No need to re-download the entire set unless instructions indicate there has been significant changes.

Download and Run PathAway Installer

The PathAway Installer is a Windows Executable which will guide you through the installation process. Contains all components in a single zip file: PathAway4.PRC, Projected Library support, MathLib.PRC, PathAway Tools for converting maps and icons, sample maps, icons, and databases.

Download this file to your Windows Desktop. Activate your Windows Desktop and run (Double click, or right click and select "Open") the PathAway4PalmInstall.exe located there.

- Ensure you HotSync the Palm Apps. The PathAway PC Tools and Readme shortcuts will be added to your Start Menu.

Proceed to step 6


Download Required Palm OS components


PathAway Palm Application. . Be sure to select "Open" when downloading the file (rather than "Save"). This will automatically add the file to your hot sync directory so that next time you hot sync the file will be installed on your Palm. You will still need MathLib.prc in order for PathAway to run.
* Required

Palm Floating Point Math Library. If you already have MathLib installed on your Palm, you can skip this step. Again, choose "Open" when downloading. This application rarely changes. You should only need to install it once.

  PathAway Map Projection and Datum Library. If you will be creating maps using special Map Projections or use a Map datum other than WGS84, you will need to install this library. along with the Libraries for the Map projections you will use. See the List of Map Projections to download the required library. Again, choose "Open" when downloading.
Map Projection Libraries. Install only if you will be using one of the following map projections:
  • Transverse Mercator
  • Universal Transverse Mercator

Not Included in PathAway Installer

Device Specific Utilities


Tungsten T3 Expandable Screen support files. Unzip and HotSync the 2 prc files. These utilities must be installed in order to use the Full-Screen mode on the T3. You will need to do a (soft) reset on your T3 to get them to work.
*** WARNING - Install these Utilities ONLY if your device is a PalmOne Tungsten T3. ***
*** Installing on any other device such as a Treo or Tungsten T5 may cause data corruption. ***

Conversion SDKs

Map, Routes, Tracks, and Point Database Conversion Tools.
Data Conversion tools allow advanced users and developers to convert maps, routes, tracks, and waypoints to and from PathAway format.

PathAway GPS 3 Remove Utility

PW3Remove.prc This Palm Utility will remove ONLY PathAway GPS 3 program and will leave all Databases In tack. Use this application if you have installed PathAway GPS 4 and are ready to remove version 3.

6. HotSync your Palm Handheld.

PathAway will be installed on your device. Simply click on the PathAway Logo on the Palm Launcher to run the application.

7. Get Started

Now that you have the latest version of PathAway on your Palm, learn how to use it by reading the Users Manual and checking out the PathAway Support Forum.


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