How to convert German Top25 Maps with MapManager

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How to convert German Top25 Maps with MapManager

Postby chris » Tue May 17, 2005 6:41 pm

Hi I am a new Pathaway owner trying to use PW with Map Manager without Touratech QV

I own a Top25 DVD of South Germany and made the following approach to get maps into my Palm T3 to use them with PW:

1. I set the screen display of the Top25 map to display WGS84 UTM koordinates and stiched an area of interest together using photoshop. The result was a rectagular area around 4000*8000 pixels perfectly trimmed to the gridlines of the UTM koordinates surrounding the area.

2. I opened the resulting jpg file in PW MapManager and choose calibration by Top Left and Bottom Right koordinates WGS84 and UTM so the only thing I had to enter were the UTM koordinates of the two corners of my map.

TL: 32U N5461000 E0472000
BR: 32U N5451000 E0475000

So far so good. Map Manager was able to create a prc file and I moved it into the Palm\Pathaway folder on my SD card using CardExport which lets me see the SD card in my T3 as a mounted drive.
So the card is there and usable but it is not as accurate as I thought it could be probably due to a systematic error I am doing and here is the point where I need your help Scott

As I mentioned I have a rectangular map with an UTM grid which is also rectangular and when I open the map and check the koordinates of the Top Left and Bottom Right corners I get exactly the values I used for calibration:

TL: 32U N5461000 E0472000
BR: 32U N5451000 E0475000

but when I check the Top Right and Bottom Left corners I expected to get

TR: 32U N5461000 E0475000
BR: 32U N5451000 E0472000

But this is not the case because PW does not assume to have a rectangular map the readings are significantly off theese points.

Scott, I appreciate any help to convince PW that the loaded map is using rectangular UTM koordinates or any suggestions how to get parts of my Top25 maps into PW withount using TTQV3


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Postby Michael_Graf » Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:42 pm

Hi Chris,

You're not the only one facing this problem. Did you already get some help?

In my eyes, it seems to be a Pathaway-problem, maybe related to UTM-zone 32U :? The procedure You mention can be done with any picture - straight lines must stay straight... :wink: With Zone 32U in pathaway they don't stay straight (I did not try it with other zones).

Best regards

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