About creating a map (spliting map into maps)

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About creating a map (spliting map into maps)

Postby mr_mouse » Fri Jul 14, 2006 3:01 pm

I try to make some maps for my friends. Unfortunlatly I always have a big map.. something like the file size over 8Mb... :shock:
My friend report to me it will loaded too slow. No matter it's a life drive or Treo650. Maybe depands how much free memory of the rom itself. If we can make a map on the map manager.. and then it can split the map into a series of map files once we well define the points on the big file. (e.g. 1 big map goes into 9 smaller maps) It will be more ease to use. And can be speed up for pending maps / resize maps :o
p.s. those 9 smaller maps must having some areas overlap..
For the "automatic map selected" function, it will be good enough for each palm system.

That's what I'm thinking. :roll:
I'm looking forward to having this function. And or any alternate solutions. (I get crazy if I did nine files with 3 points each) :wink:

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