Palm TX vs iPhone GPS

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Palm TX vs iPhone GPS

Postby peysson » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:13 pm

Yesterday, I tried to compare Pathaway on my Palm TX (with bluetooth GPS Holux 261) with MotionX Pro on my iphone. After 150 minutes of continuous recording, the iphone died completely, while the Palm was still well alive (80% of power available), thanks to the PXAclocker program that downclock the processor from 400 to 26 MHz (the Palm is still usable and very stable). Without PXAclocker, the Palm would have survived the iPhone by 30 minutes, not more ! Turning off the screen save 20% of the battery, nothing as compared to downclocking. I used the Palm more than 10 h continuously with PXAclocker !
The motionX pro is a very well done GPS program integrating a lot of the iphone properties (Photo recorder with GPS tagging, iTunes, for listening musics while hiking), and adding the property of downloading maps from the web (in advance by caching if no web connexion is available). The only missing part is the possibility to read raster maps from scan, like Pathaway. If MotionX pro is incorporating this option, pathaway will have a very good competitor... What a piity to be so less reactive ! Sorry to say that. :(

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