track/route visibility via blinking

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track/route visibility via blinking

Postby stefan » Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:08 pm

hi scott & all.

first of all, thanks for a great program, just bought it. my focus is mainly on outdoor use for mountainbiking and i have a little trouble adjusting the track/route viewing options (color & thickness) in a way that makes them properly visible under "difficult" conditions (like in direct sunlight, while moving, etc).

most topografic hiking/cycling maps in europe are very colorful already. the track/route display is hard to distinguish from the map background regardless what color or thickness one chooses. what makes matters worse is that we have different maps with different coloring for our "alps" states (germany, italy, austria, switzerland, france). i often find myself turning off map display completely (via prefs option) just to be able to properly view the route.

if tracks/routes could blink (configurable speed for active & non-active), that would instantly solve all visibility problems.

taking the idea a little further... if you start the blinking timer for different tracks not together but at slightly different points in time, one could even distinguish between them.

maybe a configurable "outline" color for tracks/routes would also improve things (like black-white-black), but i guess blinking is even more visible and also allows one to see the map features "below" the track.

on a related note... the same visibility problems happen with the position marker. blinking would be very nice too here. the available "3D" option is too small to help much on VGA displays.

greetings from munich/germany,

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