TAB order in the MapManager

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TAB order in the MapManager

Postby Plenz » Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:32 am

Usually I use Google Earth to calibrate my maps. I define a point in my map, click on the text entry for Latitude, move the cursor to the same point on Google Earth, read the latitude and type it into the Map Manager. After that I want to enter the Longitude, but of course without moving the cursor. So I hit the TAB key... but the next item which is activated is the "Close" button and after 13 more hits the text entry for Longitude is activated and I can type the degrees.

Seems that the programmer did not care about the TAB order of the items, did he? Anywy I would strongly suggest that hitting the TAB key should bring the cursor from Latitude to Longitude.

Paul Lenz

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