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Postby tools4fools » Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:47 pm

Using pathaway to make maps from scratch I need to set many, many points.
The current drop down menu for waypoints is cumersome to use for such - I do have to choose the graphics for each point each time. And if I want to add anything in written I have to enter it manually at all times.

In top it seems not all points (graphics) are imported to other software, so it would be useful to have an extra 'point name' associated with each different graphic (a hotel graphic would not only have the coordinates as standard pointname, but 'hotel' as well).

Real useful would be an additional menu bar as well which can be cutomized, either at top underneath the existing one or at the bottom/sides of screen.
Different waypoint graphics could be added to this menu bar.

That way it would be possible to add a 'hotel', a 'bridge' or whatever with 1 simple tab on the screen as opposed to 4 tabs as it is now.
Makes a big difference if you are setting hundreds of points!

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