Converter tool for exporting TTQV routes to PW with turns

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Converter tool for exporting TTQV routes to PW with turns

Postby Guenther Erhard » Mon Sep 25, 2006 5:01 pm


As we already know TTQV4 does not support the "turn instruction" feature of PW, i.e. you cannot define the intersection icon for a turn. Thus the route exported as PDB database has not such an information.

Of course you can export as PCX5, edit it in NH-Top50Trans and do a conversion with pwdbconvert. But this is error prone and not very comfortable.

I was not very lucky with this situation so I spend some hours this weekend to hack a small Windows tool (runs also under wine in Linux) which does this automatically. You can check it out if you like:

Like the complicated solution suggested in the TTQV forum it uses a "Green Diamond" icon for marking a turn. If you want to use an other icon: no problem, you just have to enter the corresponding TTQV identifier. To find it out open the exported PDB database in a text editor and look for the string. The identifier for the "Green Diamond" is e.g. "GRM:2".

The program has only one option: you can delete the names the route points. By default PW does not use names when you create a route. If the the point marked as turn (i.e. it has the intersection icon) has also a name assigned the display of the "turn instruction" message changes. It does not show the direction info anymore (e.g. "W267° (m)"), but the name of the turn (e.g. "at 000034 (m)").

One last note: at least with my PW version (4.00.44) you have to rebuild the database before your first use of the route. To do this: mark the route in the route dialog, select "Rebuild database" from the menu.

Have fun!

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