Mapaway Maps on PathAway - Map and no map on Palm screen

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Mapaway Maps on PathAway - Map and no map on Palm screen

Postby dkrabbe » Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:43 pm

Dear PathAway team, good morning.

Could you please evaluate to have on same screen two differents maps that are not on same coordinate positioning?

Nowadays, when I am on a position that I have a Map and I am close of the border of the picture/map, until I am not on the next map position, the display, show the map that I am on it and a white/no map region until a I am on it :( .

Best Regards from Brazil,

Daniel Krabbe

remarks: these map's didn't share the same coordinate positioning, but is possible to have a small error of calibration, like 0.0005 degrees.

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Postby Dodger » Wed Jan 02, 2008 1:30 am

This is probably one of the most asked-for features for Pathaway - The ability for the program to automatically display the "upcoming" map - - Basically to automatically "sew together" multiple separate map images and display them at once, rather than just showing a blank space off of the edge of the "current" map...

I would imagine that it hasn't been implemented because of the complexity of programming something like this - What if all of the surrounding map files aren't created in the same resolution as the one being displayed? Also, there would have to be a database containing details of all of the installed map files, as well as their resolution and calibration details loaded all the time in order for the software to be able to choose which map to display off the "edge" of the current one - Then you've also got to account for what happens when the user is at the corner of a map - Then Pathaway might have to "join", move and manage the display of 2 or more maps to fill in the blank space.

The ability for Pathaway to do this would be amazing - But it is completely understandable why it doesn't... The amount of coding required to do it properly would be pretty substantial. I'd LOVE to see this feature added but I won't hold my breath. :-)


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map/no map turn around suggestion

Postby Paulo » Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:35 am

Hi folks,

Since my brother and I once developed a VERY simplified software to track GPS position on a set of maps (VB on a Windows laptop) we faced this problem and do know how to deal with that: it's just a matter of switching to next map when the former one is about to show the "white band" instead of waiting untill this band reaches the center of the screen.

There is a trade-off, however. When you are switching to a lower resolution map (zoom out) you could stay at a higher resolution until the very last moment before leaving the zommed-in map. Instead, it would zoom-out "unexpectedly" before reaching the map edge.

That would make a nice user choosen option: switch before showing white band or keep resolution until the end of the map?

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Postby neldot » Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:31 am

I think that the solution could be to load very large maps in the same resolution in map manager, and to put a new feature in map manager that splits the large maps in various parts.

Then, as Paulo said, the Pathaway program could load a new map before reaching the "blank" zone.

With this solution, even the displaying of large maps should have better performance.

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