New features for Pathaway Map Manager

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New features for Pathaway Map Manager

Postby neldot » Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:26 am

Hi, 6 months ago I bought Pathaway 4, and I'm enjoying it a lot it on my Palm TX and my Palm Centro, for hiking and seafaring.

I love this program, but I would suggest a pair of improvements for Map manager.

1) I use large and detailed maps, so I think that there should be the possibility of calibrating very large maps (50-100 mb), and then send them splitted in parts to the device, so the loading time and the overall performances would be improved.

2) There should be a better color management. If i use maps with 256 colors the colors that result on the device screen are all messed up. In my experience, only 65k color maps are well reproduced.

Thank you for this great program and thanks in advance if you would hear my suggestions.

Neldot (Italy)

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