PathAway refuses to delete data

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PathAway refuses to delete data

Postby JHE » Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:19 am

Hi all,

I'm currently experiencing problems with the delete function. Whenever I try to delete e.g. a points database or a track (either using the context menu's delete function, or menu->change->delete), the application seems to correctly delete the selected entry and (visually) removes it from the list.
When I stop and restart the application, the deleted entries appear as if I had never deleted them.

A similar effect shows up when I import a track from a gpx file. The system seems to have it "in memory" (I can see and use it), but as soon as I restart the application, all imported data is gone.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any hints are highly appreciated! And is there some sort of log file that could reveal useful information?

Thanks for your help,


(Btw: I'm using version 4.00.74 of PathAway on Windows Mobile 6 Professional. The device is an HTC Touch.)

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PathAway refuses to delete data

Postby Carlos » Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:19 pm


It happens the same to me since time ago. I can’t delete the tutorial points, routes and track “Bracebridge to Port Carling”. It happened in the past with older versions and still now with 4.00.88.
It seems no one can help us. May be Pathaway 5 or, sure, will be better spend our money in another good software with a real “Support” for customers problems.

Best regards.

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Postby Scott » Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:19 am

The GPX problem was fixed awhile ago. You should update to the latest release.

For the Tutorial Points and other data, check the \My Documents\PathAway folder using File Explorer (or Explore from ActiveSync). If these files are there in .pw* format, then they would get re-imported when you start the program. You can simply delete these files and they won't get re-imported.

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