Should Pathaway import all the Notes from the gpx fiiles?

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Should Pathaway import all the Notes from the gpx fiiles?

Postby Moby58 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:05 pm

Hi guys, new to geocaching and new to Pathaway, so please bear with me.

Have tried to search, but only reference is in 2007.

I have out put a GPX file from GSAK. If I look at the file with notepad, all the notes (description) of a cache is in the notes. This is also confirmed by importing the GPX file into GPXSonar.

However, importing the same file into Pathaway doesnt have the full note, only about the first 20 characters, even tho it looks like Pathaway has room for hundreds of characters for a waypoint note.

Is this correct? or do I need to set something in preferences?

I want to read all the info the person who placed the cache has written, and that is included in the GPX file.

eg, the waypoint details/gpx file will have something like below, but pathaway doesnt show it all

Cache is located in Kalamunda, a spot where the Bibbulmum Track crosses. Terrain leading up to cache, depending on which way you approach is relatively easy.
The cache you are looking for is a regular sized clear lunchbox type container.

Cache contains the required log book, pencil, sharpener and stash note.

This cache has a theme, a Tee theme if you please. Golf Tee that is, So bring a Tee or three and add to the cache.

The theme was selected as its nice and cheap to participate and most sporting households will have some lying around.

You will need to allocate a few hours to get out to the cache and back, about 13km hike, my goal is to encourage people to get out and walk rather than drive, hence no vehicle access to this site.

Once you arrive at the cache area you will be in for a treat, the view and landscape are something special.

Happy Hiking, better to be on the trail isnt it??


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